Master Recruitment

There are two possible ways to join Biohazard.

First Method - Asked to Join

If you are invited to join Biohazard, you do not need to create an application or be tested. Prior to being asked to join Biohazard, two leaders must agree that they want you in Biohazard. When two leaders agree, there will be a poll held with the prestige members leaders to decide if you are capable of joining. Afterwards, if your poll is passed, you will be asked to join Biohazard.

You do not need to accept this invitation to join Biohazard. However, if you do say no, we will recognize that you do not want to be apart of Biohazard at this time, and will probably have to apply in the future if you wish to join.

Second Method - Applying

Must not be in another clan while applying
Must have played PB2 for at least 1 month
Must have at least 4,000 kills (can be over multiple accounts, must specify in application)
(Your developer rank*80) can make up for missing kills

Once your application is accepted, you must be tested three times. You have one week to complete all three tests. The testers will look for your attitude and skill level in-game. If you pass your tests, you will become an unofficial member. If you fail your tests, you will be removed from the clan.

After one month, a poll will be made on our forum discussing your recruitment. Polls last for 5 days. If you fail your first poll, you'll stay as an unofficial member and receive a second poll in a month. If you fail your second poll, you are removed from Biohazard. If you pass any of your polls, you will become an official member.

If you would like to apply for Biohazard, please make an account on our forum and post your application in the Application section. Be sure to follow the application template when you are creating your application. You should also read through the basic tips and advice to see what we are looking for in an application, and as an applicant.
Your application will be reviewed within 5 days or less.
Created by the leaders of Biohazard