Who We Are

Biohazard, or BoZ for short, is a Plazma Burst 2 clan. Biohazard was created on May 21, 2011 by Max teabag. We accept active, respectful and skilled players. Everyone in Biohazard is entitled to equal opportunity and freedom of expression. Clan ranks are not based upon in-game skill level, but are based on your clan contributions, attitude, and respect for others in the clan.


What We Do

We are a clan that discusses and plays Plazma Burst 2, as well as other games. We are a clan that respects other clans and players. We don't target other players or clans as enemies. We try to avoid drama but also have fun as a clan by bantering each other and hosting clan events.


Contact/Join Us

You can contact us by visiting the clan chat and forum or by messaging us over Plazma Burst 2. To join Biohazard, you can click here, or here, and follow the recruitment process. In order to make sure we review your application, you will need to create an account on our forum. Then, you will need to follow the application template and submit your application to Biohazard in the "Applications" section.



The "Applications" and "Application Issues" are the only available sections for non-clan members. These sections are reserved for clan applications only. The rest of the forum is strictly for Biohazard members and should be kept that way. In other words, the leaders expect you to maintain a level of loyalty and not screenshot any parts of the forum and give them to the public.



Our main chat is Discord. Non-clan members can access the Discord server, but only to private message clan members. Discord allows for text and voice channels for easy communication. The second chat is a forum chatbox where non-clan members can chat with clan members. This allows for communication between people wanting to join Biohazard or people who just want to hang out.


Inactive Policy

Clan members will be removed from the clan if they are inactive for an extended period of time. If your name is down below, and you wish to "rejoin" Biohazard, you will be given a visitors role on our Discord server. If you happen to be active over the course of a month, you will be given membership back. The following "clan members" have an option for the current inactive policy:

Cahir, Boze, Argius, Raron, iBltizz, Itman1, Ali18, Krow, EXCL, T-T Digital, Jibb



Hacking or use of exploits in any game Biohazard is associated with is strictly prohibited. Farming is also prohibited.
Do not share information (personal or public) about the clan from our chat and forum. These services are member-only for a reason, so we appreciate it staying that way.
Multiclanning is strictly prohibited. This also includes applying for Biohazard while being in another clan.
• Always wear the clan tag, [BoZ], in-game.