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Denied Dentz #1

Post by King Dentz on April 19th 2015, 10:07 pm

1.PB2 Nickname: Dentz

2.PB2 Profile Link:

3.How Long Have You Been Playing PB2?: Since 2014. About 1 year.

4.How many Kills And Deaths do you have?Kills: 3 456  Deaths: 2 202

4B. What Is Your Level Developers Rank? 0. I have trouble making maps Sad

5. Are you currently in a clan? No

5B. What clans have you been in? RBU, StrikE, UnRoyal, Predators, RHV, BrutaL, Psych, PsychaL, DarkVoid, GeNo, And Red

5C. What Made You leave these earlier clans?: RBU: Became too hated so T Burn ended it and it became dead

StrikE: Jubuthan nuked it

UnRoyal, Predators: Merged to become BrutaL

Brutal Merged with Psych to become Psychal

RHV: Only 2 members including me.

DarkVoid: Not really a clan

Red: Not really a clan

GeNo: I wasn't added to members lit and i dont think i was a real member.

Psychal: Every leader and members started leaving and the clan began to fall apart kind of.

6-6B: Any Alternative Accounts? Yes.
The Other Ones got deleted due to database problem

7. Who recruited you? No one

8. Why do you want to join BoZ? I want a home. I think this clan is very productive and keeps building and persevering. I want to be part of the growth and help build more.

9. Do you understand/read the 'About Page'? Absolutely

10. Do you understand/read the 'Recruitment Page'? Completely

11. Which members do you know? Well i don't really hang with them but I've seen Kaotic Kaos, TheChosen One

12.How often do you play PB2? Every WeekDays after school.

13.What server do you usually play in? Washington

13B. What is your average ping? 30-60

14. What is your favorite map? Stryde-sniper, x d-sniper, and eric gurt-railwars1 a little bit.

15. How do you play PB2? I like to self boost really high in snipers to view evryone down and aim at head to get a headshot. In railz, I like to boost really high also to get all the way to the top. I also like to defib players to make them weak, then jump up really fast to shoot them Smile

16. What can you offer BoZ? Im sorry i messed up with placing but i can offer BoZ another friend to chill with. I can offer them my skillz and i will be an active player.

17. What country are you from? U.S.A, Boston

18. Any extra comments/ questions? Um I just want to say thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to at least try to fight alongside you guys. And i think that's it.

19. Member or Trial Member? Member Smile

King Dentz

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Denied Re: Dentz #1

Post by Nasri on April 19th 2015, 10:15 pm

Application Denied.

Applying in the wrong field.
Feel free to apply in two weeks. (May 3rd )


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