Sgt Dwayne #1

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Resolved Sgt Dwayne #1

Post by Sgt Dwayne on April 22nd 2015, 9:39 am

Username: Sgt Dwayne
Application link:
Who denied you: Cake
Reason: Failed to list all past clans.
Why you feel the reason you were denied is unjust: I just want to know which clans i didn't list it.
Other: And sorry. I thought Freesnacher was a RM.
Sgt Dwayne
I'll be back

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Resolved Re: Sgt Dwayne #1

Post by Subcomics on April 22nd 2015, 7:25 pm

Literally you posted them on your own application..
Sgt Dwayne wrote:Self rekt. Like t burn.

I forgot 3 clans like Tier1, Jokers and Hunters but i have never been in Deltaforce...


mr. costigan

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