Pivot-Son #10

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Denied Pivot-Son #10

Post by Nickolas Stankov on Thu 28 May 2015 - 3:48

1. PB2 Nickname: Pivot-son.

2. PB2 Profile Link: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Pivot-son&id=1236409.

3. How long have you been playing PB2?: Since February 2013.

4. How many kills and deaths do you have?: Kills: 14.054 / Deaths: 10.262.

4b: What is your level developer’s rank?: 3.01.

4c: How many player points do you have?: 5.66.

5. Are you currently in a clan?: No, I'm not.

5b. What clans have you been in before?:

[+Royal+] -The Royal Clan- It died.

[~.:iMOniacZ:.~] -M0niacz Clan- It died.

[:.~Logic~.:] -Logical Clan- It died.

[NeoN] -Neon Clan- It died.

[Frost] -The Frosty Clan- It died.

[Kaos] -Chaos Clan- It died. (We changed name into ''Frosty Clan'' aka [Frost]).

[CrAzY] -The CrAzY Clan- It died.

[Psych] -Psychal Clan- It died.

[Qualm] -The Qualm Group- I left it to try to join BoZ, but I failed, Guru told me that joining here is easier then joining in BoZ, now I understand how it is, and I'll try to stay with 1 side this time. I tricked myself once, but I'll try not to again.

|GeNo| -GeNoCide Clan- I left GeNo because I have a feeling that I don't belong there, not as Nick of course, nobody is listening to me, and nobody is trying to read my posts, and on the end, I decided to leave.

5c. What made you leave your earlier clans?: I allready answerd.

6. Do you have any alternative accounts?: Yes, I have.

6b. Please list them with profile links:

Lord Black Luck: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Lord%20Black%20Luck&id=1321802 (My account)

Wister: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Wister&id=1273597

iLuminati: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=iLuminati&id=1280187

ShinyKate: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=ShinyKate&id=1326859

7. Who recruited you?: Nobody.

8. Why do you want to join BoZ?: I'm getting Denied in Qualm, Guru allready told me, and he was right. I'm sick of this dead clans, (iMOniacZ, Psychal, Logic, NeoN), they probably have leaders that don't lead clan well, or they're in-active with their members, so clan dies, I want to join here because it's the most active clan, not only because this is the best clan, but also because my friends are in here, even tho I'm hated by some of you guys, Nasri for example, because I lied, and now, I'm trying, not to have fun, I'm trying to join BoZ, with others, in the clan that won't die.

9. Do you understand/have you read the “About” page?: Yes, I did.

10. Do you understand/have you read the recruitment process?: Yes, I did.

11. Which members in BoZ do you know?: Ah, a lot of them, everyone from Envy, and some from BoZ. (I won't list all of them because there is many members that I know, like 15-20)

12. What can you offer to the clan?: Anything required, I'll follow the leaders, rules, and by being member (If I get accepted), I'll try to not make any mistakes, like before, even tho Guru was right about me.

13. How often do you play PB2?: Every day.

14. What server do you usually play in?: For now, I play in Europe, Ukraine, but when I move to washington for 2 years, then I'll play in Washington server.

14b. What is your average ping in that server?: EU: 60-90 / Wash: 110-160. (For now)

15. What is your favorite map?: Actually, I got 3 favorite maps, those are: Stryde-Sniper, Eric Gurt-Railwars1 and Max teabag-Highrise.

16. How do you play PB2? (Any specific playing styles?): As I always do/say, roam around the map, go on big strikes when it is possible, and selfboost from each side to the other side of the map.

17. What country are you from?: I've been born in Sweden, Stockholm, but now I live in Serbia, and I'll most probably move to America, Washington.

18. Extra comments/questions: No.

19. What are you applying for: Member or Trial Member? I'm applying as a Member. (Guru allready told me that my application in Qualm is denial, and he told me that it;s coming anyway, so it's denied, no worries about that)
Nickolas Stankov

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Denied Re: Pivot-Son #10

Post by Nickolas Stankov on Thu 28 May 2015 - 6:04

Also I should say sorry to some people. These people are:
@Jeff1999, I'm sorry for snitching, I won't repeat it again.
@x D, sorry for rating 1 star on your map, and for lowing ur LDR.
@Nasri & members, I'm sorry for lying, I'll try to not repeat it again.
Nickolas Stankov

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Denied Re: Pivot-Son #10

Post by x D on Thu 28 May 2015 - 11:44

Well let me see where i should start:

Kicked from Neon > Apply for BoZ a lot of times > Denied > Create Frost/Frosty > Apply for BoZ Again > Denied > Create Royal with Kmo , Striking and Sethic > Royal dies > Apply for BoZ > Denied > Apply For GeNo > Accepted > Leave in 2 days > Apply for qualm > Denied > Apply For BoZ

MLG Clan-hopping?

+ CrAZy still alive.
x D

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Denied Re: Pivot-Son #10

Post by Subcomics on Thu 28 May 2015 - 15:39

Timeline of events
April 22 - Pivot-son applies for BoZ
April 22 - Pivot-son denied from BoZ
April 28 - Pivot-son applies for Qualm
April 28 - Pivot-son accepted into Qualm
Sometime between April 28 and May 19, Pivot-son leaves Qualm
May 19 - Pivot-son applies for GeNo
May 24 - Pivot-son accepted into GeNo
Sometime between May 24 and May 26, Pivot-son leaves GeNo
May 26 - Pivot-son applies for Qualm
May 27 - Pivot-son denied from Qualm

I'm not sure that you will stay in a clan more than one month, and we don't particularly need clan hoppers. It seems like what you want to do is to apply to all of the clans on PB2, get accepted, and leave to conquer your next clan.
Have fun, wherever you decide to go (probably to GeNo or your own clan)


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Denied Re: Pivot-Son #10

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