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Denied 2phone #1

Post by 2phone on June 1st 2015, 2:35 pm

Hello, My name is 2phone and I am here to join this clan called ''BoZ''. You know I've always been able to join any clans but I just found out that this clan is a one that were to me special and hard to join. I've read everything about your clan in the website and it was really interesting. Really, Also. About my life on PB2. You know since 2 years ago, almost everyone hated me because I did bad things and wasted their lives, Like rating 1 for every maps or reporting people that did not do anything to me. But today, I  refuse to do that and I did lots of apologies. I was an idiot that day but, It is actually rude. I always go to approved matches (Unranked) to farm/kill some players and guests so I can earn kills. Excluding ''Deaths''. Well, Lots of people call me a lagger because my ping is about 200-250. But I don't care what they think, All I care is to be polite to other peoples and have good conversations. Please check out all my progress and what I did on that times and if you wish to accept me that I will be recruited as a member of ''BoZ''. I would be very Thankful. If you don't want to accept my request then I'll just leave it as a reply and go search for other clans.


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Denied Re: 2phone #1

Post by Nasri on June 1st 2015, 3:23 pm

Please use the application template found here


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