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Denied Au5 #1

Post by Au5 on June 14th 2015, 9:55 pm

name: Au5
been playing for maybe a year and a half or two
i have 44 kills and 34 deaths, because this is a new account. i have an alternate account called Rock22chase which is Promoted and has over 400 kills and a k/d of 1.88
level dev rank is 0
Au5 is currently not in a clan
Rock22chase has been in CrAzY and R.A.T. and Wingmen and Shinobi
Au5 has been in U.S.F
i left usf because i want nothing to do with them, and Boz seems nice
alternate profiles: BM Vagabond; Rock22chase
server: california ping: 130-180
favorite map is xfrostbytex-matrixsniper and count dracula-sniper
playing style: camp only when needed and in swords i do the "vault" more of an evasive attack.
i play plazmaburst2 just about every day.
live in america
i can offer my expertise in selfboost and dodging abilities i guess. i am a good sport, i like pretty much everyone give or take a few that get on my bad side.
iSWIFT recruited me through Rock22chase.
also, Rock22chase has a small developer rank because i made two maps with that account.
i also beat the campaign on that profile completely.


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Denied Re: Au5 #1

Post by x D on June 14th 2015, 10:09 pm

You should copy and paste the application template , and you dont have the requirements 4,000 kills.
x D

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Denied Re: Au5 #1

Post by Fextem on June 14th 2015, 10:20 pm

Application denied.
Applicant did not meet the requirements to apply and did not use the template.
You may re-apply in 2 weeks. ( June 28th, at 6:20 PM EST )

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Denied Re: Au5 #1

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