Grey Hat #4

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Denied Grey Hat #4

Post by RepV on July 31st 2015, 10:45 pm

1. cheesecakesniperPb2
2. 230 kills and 400 deaths
3. 56% pp
4. cheese clan, gsa, ss, geno
5. cheese died, gsa was full of immature people,n ss I was a faker, geno dying
6. I want to join boz so I can be cool and show it off in front of gsa and geno because they think I cant join it but I can join it because I am cool and I am becoming really good in the arnea map that cahir made . cahir is legend, I want to be better in pb2 also so I can move to another clan and war with my new skill I got from boz. I want to make friends to so they can join me in war since boz I think they don't do war but yeah
7. I know cahir and max teabag and myself too
8. I can offer cheesecake and my skills in maps I can teach u how not to lag I have 300 ping I use to have 600 and I am really good at camping I can teach u
9. I play pb2 in the evening when my family is not home
10. i live in the united states of America but i use to ive in Russia but they had war and we moved my English isn't good but please give me a chance
11. um i like that one map with 2 players only and its approved by eric  i also like eric gurt -high and maps with guns that shoot a lot of bullets fast
12. unofficial trial member pls because i don't have 4k kills
13. thank you for reading my application i really ope i get accepted
14. bye
15. [i cant find my acc so just search cheesecakesniperpb2]


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Denied Re: Grey Hat #4

Post by Valk on July 31st 2015, 10:52 pm

sorry mate you don't meet requirements and use the template next time.

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Denied Re: Grey Hat #4

Post by Ex Mechanic on July 31st 2015, 10:52 pm

Application Denied

Doesn't meet all the requirements (4k kills)
Overall, your app is lackin' effort

Feel free to re-apply w/ application template on August 14th, 2015,
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Denied Re: Grey Hat #4

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