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Denied Re: Harming #1

Post by harming on September 19th 2015, 3:09 pm

sorry for my bad English maybe there is misunderstanding but I think I clearly said things that can benefit you guys idk what you guys want from me or others it feels like you want the ' perfectionist' or something.

the saw map I have made long time ago on my harming account that was for the boz also I don't understand the meaning of 'lone wolf' .
what benefits can I get from this clan? I just wanted to join the community that is friendly and mature and get along with them that's all I wanted ? even when I was in chaos swat team I never knew any member in swat team and never felt like I was actually in the 'clan',
whenever I see BoZ members in the game they are so friendly to each other talk to each other like they are actual friends from the real life that's all I wanted .


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Denied Re: Harming #1

Post by Roxxar on September 21st 2015, 2:18 am

We're not looking for a "perfectionist", we're just looking for something more than a personality. It's such a typical answer (alongside "maturity" and "respect") that we barely even consider it as one.


There are many noticeable errors and improper answers that can be well-improved next time around. On top of that, the answers given are generally weak. Feel free to re-apply October 4th 2015


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