Kensoto #6

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Denied Kensoto #6

Post by Neck on March 16th 2016, 2:32 am

1. PB2 Nickname: Neckxt

2. PB2 Profile Link:

3. How long have you been playing PB2?: Played for 1 year, stopped for 1 year. Came back now.

4. How many kills and deaths do you have?: I have 2 accounts. My first account is kensoto, which has been lost, and second is this, which has 613 Kills and 402 Deaths. Overall KDR- 1.52 Latest- 1.47

4b: What is your level developer’s rank?: 0.

4c: How many player points do you have?: 0.

5. Are you currently in a clan?: No.

5b. What clans have you been in before?: Assassins, Logic, Crazy, Kickass, and BoZ (I forgot if I got accepted in BoZ)

5c. What made you leave your earlier clans?: My account was lost. Didn't really "left".

6. Do you have any alternative accounts?: Yes. Look up.

6b. Please list them with profile links:

7. Who recruited you?: Nothing. Joined by myself.

8. Why do you want to join BoZ?: I think I was already a member in BoZ. I would also want to join to have fun with, to play with, and to bond with.

9. Which members in BoZ do you know?: Stryde, Krow, Teabag, Freesnacher, many. Just forgot.

10. What can you offer to the clan?: Whatever you ask.

11. How often do you play PB2?: I can't really describe because it's random. I can just say I'm active.

12. What server do you usually play in?: California server.

12b. What is your average ping in that server?:200-350

13. What is your favorite map?: Matrix Sniper and Stryde-sniper thingy.

14. How do you play PB2? (Any specific playing styles?): Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. Selfboost and flying. Quickly moving thru the map. I don't team.

15. What country do you live in?: Philippines.

16. Extra comments/questions: All are stated above. I just want to represent the clan BoZ because I think I can. Deny me or Accept me, nothing matters. At least I tried.


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Denied Re: Kensoto #6

Post by Neck on March 16th 2016, 3:48 am

I also joned Anti clan. Forgot to put there.


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Denied Re: Kensoto #6

Post by Roxxar on March 16th 2016, 12:49 pm

Denied, attempting to edit application after submission. Think things carefully, and go over your app before posting it.


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Denied Re: Kensoto #6

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