iLaGGer #2

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Denied iLaGGer #2

Post by iLaGGer on April 26th 2014, 4:45 am

1. PB2 Nickname: ilagger
2. PB2 profile link:
3. How long have you been playing PB2?: For 1 year.
4. How many kills and deaths do you have?: Kills:1 248
4b. What is your level developer’s rank?: 0
5. What clans have you been in before?: None.
6. Are you currently in a clan: No.
7. Do you have any alternative accounts?: No.
8. Who recruited you?: Spartan-138
9. Why do you want to join BoZ?: Yesterday, when I applied to join BoZ, I've told my enemy(from Assassin$, his name is hoangan23) and he said:" Dude, BoZ sucks. "(he not only just say so he says his leader(iDestruction) sucks too and he said he's the proest of his gang. After join BoZ, I'll revenge our gang and report his gang's leader to kick him.
10.How often do you play?: I play everyday, for 2 hours.
11. What server do you usually play in?: California.
11b. What is your average ping in that server?: 248
12. What is your favorite map?: Max Teabag-highrise and Stryde-sniper2
13. How do you play PB2? (Any specific playing styles?): When I see an enemy, I often jump backflip and shoot him/her, when I'm
encircled I press x and let them shoot at each other.
14. Have you read and understood the “About” page?: Yes.
15. Have you read and understood the recruitment process?: Yes
16. Which members in BoZ do you know?: Max Teabag, Stryde, xJer, Jerry The Carrot, Nazi Neko, Mingo1, iDeath6600, NeroX, Neelfrost, Mech1354, Spartan-138.
17. What can you offer to the clan: I can offer respect, never lie and anything else needed.
18. What time zone/country are you in: (UTC/GMT +07:00)
19. Extra comments/questions: I have been looking forward to join BoZ and now I have stand a chance, If I can be Trial Member I'll be very happy and proud about it.
20. What are you applying for: Member or Trial Member? Trial Member.


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Denied Re: iLaGGer #2

Post by Jeff1999 on April 26th 2014, 8:17 am

Bro, you need to wait 2 weeks until you can apply again...

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Denied Re: iLaGGer #2

Post by Spartan-138 on April 26th 2014, 11:04 am

You will be denied again.
Applying for BoZ is not a joke.

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Denied Re: iLaGGer #2

Post by Subcomics on April 26th 2014, 11:52 am

Wait 2 weeks before you re-apply
mr. costigan

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Denied Re: iLaGGer #2

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