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Denied Re: CaptainSolo #4

Post by CaptainSolo on July 16th 2016, 4:19 pm

Okay, I am sorry, I didn't answer the question faster. So, I wanted to reapply for BoZ, because I want to meet new players in BoZ, and have fun with you all. I will try my best for BoZ, being loyal, respectful...
The other reason, reapplied for BoZ is, that as I said, I see BoZ members, which play calm, and just skillful, and I really respect that, I am sure the others are the same.

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Denied Re: CaptainSolo #4

Post by Subcomics on July 16th 2016, 11:06 pm

Hello class, today I am going to tell you all a story, in timeline fashion!

March 19, 2016 - CaptainSolo applies to Biohazard for his first time!
May 7, 2016 - CaptainSolo reapplies to Biohazard
June 2, 2016 - CaptainSolo reapplies to Biohazard
June 3, 2016 - CaptainSolo applies to Genocide for his first time!
June 18, 2016 - CaptainSolo reapplies to Genocide
June 30, 2016 - CaptainSolo applies to Killerz Matrix for his first time!
July 17, 2016 - CaptainSolo reapplies to Biohazard

From what I've gathered, it seems to me, especially, that you're just hopping around hoping one of the more stable clans in PB2 will accept you after you left DOB. As for what Valk commented on earlier, it's easy to see that there is little trust in loyalty here, but loyalty can't totally be measured by applying. After BoZ and GeNo caught on to what you were doing between those two clans, you realized you had to expand your search for a new home, and KzM was thrown into the mix. I don't suspect KzM to realize you're doing this, but a clan with 5 members, should not care. I can see bouncing between two clans, but I'm not really sure how your words hold up with a third one being thrown in. Yes, you can have a dream clan, but from the looks of it, you're settling for any clan.

It's difficult to get answers out of you from questions asked, and it's clear you're trying to juggle multiple clans at once, waiting for one to join. With all this being said, if you take the advice that Valk offered in solely dedicating your time to one clan, then maybe you would be in that clan sooner than you'd expect. Think of this as a loyalty test to whatever clan you want to join. For right now, your application is denied.
You can re-apply in 2 weeks, after July 30, 2016.



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