Muhammad Suleman #1

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Denied Muhammad Suleman #1

Post by BlueBolt5000 on September 7th 2016, 6:27 pm

1 - Muhammad Suleman.

2 - Here is the link:

3 - I have been playing PB2 for a very long time.

4 - 609 kills and 775 deaths.

4b - My LDR is 1.08.

4c - I have not made any player points yet.

5 - I am currently not in any clan.

5b - SuP, Moc Elite, SSG.

5c - Left SSG because I wanted to join DLN. But then I got kicked out.
5c-2 - Left MoC Elite because I joined SuP for free.
5c-3 - Left SuP because I then joined SSG.

6 - Yes.
Prodigy502 ( for cover against Hai925 )

6b - I do not know there links, sorry.

7 - No one recruited me... I wanted to join it myself.

8 - It has been my dream to join Biohazard under any circumstances. And I believe you, [BoZ] Stryde will let me in this clan because he is loyal. But the real reason is that I wanted to join a clan so I could start one myself and made this clan friends with my clan.

9 - I only know Amerison.

10 - I offer this: I will play PB2 for 2 days or so and make BoZ proud. Even though I have a lot of deaths.

11 - I play it a lot.

12 - I play in server 3 - Europe, Ukraine.

12b - At least 300 or 400 when following Amerison's idea.

13 - Prototype Mission series by Bmwm3gtr.

14 - Awesome way. When I go 707-swords, my styles are perfect. When I jump, I Press X, and kill. My skills with any gun I pickup are good.

15 - I live in Pakistan. Do not use racism (No Offense) on me and my country.

A Question: If I play everyday even if I don't have 4,000 kills, will I become a useful member? ( I am Advanced Marine )
Those who have not got the required kills are known as Trial Members


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Denied Re: Muhammad Suleman #1

Post by Ex Mechanic on September 7th 2016, 7:33 pm

Application Denied

You didn't follow the application template and you don't have 4,000 kills, which is a requirement.

Once you acquire 4,000 kills, reapply in 2 weeks with template.
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