Guest-1975 #1

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Denied Guest-1975 #1

Post by Guest-1975 on June 27th 2014, 5:32 pm

1. Guest-1975
3. About 1 year
4. 0/0 Reset before: 2,000 kills 1,500 Deaths
4b. 0
4c. 0
5. None
5b. no
5c. no
6. no
6b. no
7. nobody
8. Its a really good well known clan
9. Yes
10. Yes
11. All the Leader of but none of them saw me
12. None
13. Every day
14. Wash sometimes Cali
14b. around 50= wash around 160= cali
15. ace trinor-sniper
16. Selfboosting and jumping and killing and also dodging bullets
17. My parents r from India but im american
18. I would love to join boz and help out
19. Trial Member


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Denied Re: Guest-1975 #1

Post by Roxxar on June 27th 2014, 5:41 pm

This shows very little effort. You're going to have a hard time getting in.


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Denied Re: Guest-1975 #1

Post by Ali18 on June 27th 2014, 6:46 pm

Application Denied

Little effort given in the making of the application, weak answer on why you would like to join.

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Denied Re: Guest-1975 #1

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