The Lucian #1

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Resolved The Lucian #1

Post by The Lucian on January 6th 2015, 3:43 am

Username: The Lucian
Application link:
Who denied you: Roxxar
Reason: failure for past clans
Why you feel the reason you were denied is unjust: I was never apart of Khaos ot Khaosnight those were just tags never a website or leader. I know I put khaos on my last app but I was never in the clan. Can you please tell me if that was the clan I was missing thano you
The Lucian

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Resolved Re: The Lucian #1

Post by Lord Kaos on January 6th 2015, 3:58 am Well this says Khaos, was a clan. So, I'm assuming that you are lying, or you were apart of that clan.
Lord Kaos

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Resolved Re: The Lucian #1

Post by Roxxar on January 6th 2015, 5:54 am

You admitted to have been hiding something you put on your last app which wasn't publicly visible. Why?

Not to mention that you missed SEVERAL clans, not just one or two. You may not recall, but we do.

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Resolved Re: The Lucian #1

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