vace the boss #1

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Denied vace the boss #1

Post by vace the boss on January 20th 2015, 9:32 am

1.[BoZ] Vace The Boss
3.Since the beginning of 2011
4.3189 Kills and 1152 Deaths
4b.0.72 LDR
4c.12.99 Player Points
6.No, I don't.
8.Because I wanted to be in this clan, it's very famous and it's probably one of the best clans.
9.Yes, I did.
11.Stryde, Max Teabag, Krow, Spartan 138 and others
12.I can offer good gameplay
13.I play PB2 every day or two
14.I ussually play on Europe, Ukraine
14b.My average ping is 110
15.My favourite map is neelfrost-rvb and aslang-fightforthebase
16.I play Plazma Burst 2 as best as I can with techniques like pressing X or jump (I don't really understand the question)
17.I'm from Macedonia (FYROM)
19.I'm applying for a Trial Member
vace the boss

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Denied Re: vace the boss #1

Post by Roxxar on January 20th 2015, 11:28 pm

You're not a part of BoZ, take the tag out.

The fact that you didn't copy and paste the questions doesn't help your image.

Your answer for #8 is weak. You've said nothing about why you want to join; compliments to BoZ are not an answer. We're looking for a REASON on why you want to JOIN, not a reason why BoZ is a good clan. You sound like you simply want to wear the tag.

Your answer for #12 is also weak. We have good players in our clan, so what would make your gameplay any more special? Surely you would have more to offer if you wanted to join.

#16 is just asking how you play the game. What do you do when confronted with different situations? Your answer for this is acceptable, but rather generic.

You definitely need some more work on this. Denied for little effort in making of the application, as well as weak answers.


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