Photon Hero #1

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Denied Photon Hero #1

Post by Photonhero on February 21st 2015, 6:25 am

1. PB2 Nickname:
-[]- Photon Hero

2. PB2 Profile Link:

3. How long have you been playing PB2?:
-[]- I have played PB2 for 3 years.

4. How many kills and deaths do you have?:
-[]- Kills: 401 / Deaths: 231 (Due to PB2 Problems, my account reseted / Past Kills: 4058 / Past Deaths: 2556)

4b: What is your level developer’s rank?:
-[]- 0 (I will make maps soon as possible)

4c: How many player points do you have?:
-[]- No ranked due to lack of activity in rank matches / 58.7% Beginner Progress / 2.93 Predicted Play Points

5. Are you currently in a clan?:
-[]- No

5b. What clans have you been in before?:
-[]- SnIPeD, Triarch aka Nextgen, Kickass squad, Old Logic, Cyclix, TOA aka Evo, ToXiC, ReFuZe, StrikE aka Neon, BOA, GSA, Apoc, Chaos, and Predators.

5c. What made you leave your earlier clans?:
-[]- SniPeD - The clan died and every member was inactive.
-[]- Triarch aka Nextgen - The clan died and the leader left PB2.
-[]- Kickass squad - I decided to leave when every member went inactive.
-[]- Old Logic - Clan Founder added me to members list and I wasn't in it but just to make sure I am not in the clan or was in it.
-[]- Cyclix - Some members started being rude and decided to leave, the clan soon died.
-[]- TOA aka Evo - The clan was starting to get inactive and the clan founder soon ended the clan.
-[]- ToXiC - It was a clan I have made but soon had to end the clan due to a lot of important events in my life.
-[]- ReFuZe - The clan died and I had too many activities going on.
-[]- StrikE / Neon - I decided to give my friend this clan and didn't want to be in a clan that I couldn't lead. I had too much tasks that I couldn't finish in the clan.
-[]- BOA - Clan started to get inactive and decided to leave.
-[]- GSA - I was in GSA for a day but left due to some problems in that clan.
-[]- Apoc / Chaos - Clans died.
-[]- Predators - I decided to leave and move on to a clan named CrAzY
-[]- CrAzY - I left this clan to take care of StrikE but it soon fell apart.

6. Do you have any alternative accounts?:
-[]- Yes I do but some of them were deleted due to problem in PB2 Database/ The Domo (Deleted) / Nightbeamz (Not Deleted) / Fennekin (Deleted) / Inzektor (Deleted) / Diamond1099 (Deleted) / Aqua Madoor (Deleted) / Kid1909 (Deleted) / Kid Punch X (Deleted) / Little Fish (Deleted) / and Magma Neos (Deleted)

6b. Please list them with profile links:
-[]- Accounts That Work:
Nightbeamz -
-[]- Accounts That Don't Work:
The Domo, Fennekin, Inzektor, Diamond1099, Aqua Madoor, Kid1909, Kid Punch X, Little Fish, and Magma Neos.

7. Who recruited you?:
-[]- No one recruited me.

8. Why do you want to join BoZ?:
-[]- I want to join BoZ due to a lot of reasons. This clan is very serious and well organized. I think I am ready to become a member of BoZ and focused on everything that will occur if I am in. This clan also has lived for a long time compared to other clans that just die. Plus, all the members of BoZ are friendly and respectful, everyone dreams about being in this clan.

9. Do you understand/have you read the “About” page?:
-[]- Yes, I do

10. Do you understand/have you read the recruitment process?:
-[]- Yes, I do.

11. Which members in BoZ do you know?:
-[]- Max teabag, Stryde, Unreal, X Mechanic, Krutz, Kuky, Michaelhero, Nexir, Jeff1999, XFrostByteX, Krow, Spartan 138, mech1354, Lord Cooler 1, Mingo1, Dr Pepper Ghost, Frost625, Slashdown, iDemonSkillz, Amerison, Chronic13, Kaotic Kaos, Xsmithe, Firegodz, Zakrzew, and TheChosen One.

12. What can you offer to the clan?:
-[]- I can offer my skills to this clan, types of self-boosting, killing techniques, and teach players to do all kind of tricks that I know of. I can also offer by helping other members or users if they need help or answering questions. I can also speak Spanish and help others who don't speak English that well. It would be nice and honorable to wear the BoZ Tag.

13. How often do you play PB2?:
-[]- Everyday, 6-8 hours, except important days.

14. What server do you usually play in?:
-[]- USA, California.

14b. What is your average ping in that server?:
-[]- USA, California / 100-120

15. What is your favorite map?:
-[]- stryde-sniper or aslang-fightforthebase

16. How do you play PB2? (Any specific playing styles?):
-[]- Well it depends what map I play in. For Sniper, Raywars, and Railwars, I usually like to self-boost a lot and do other tricks as I am playing. I like to play maps in a fun way. I self-boost pretty high and try not to die. If I feel like I am going to fall hard, I use my defib and try to save myself. I focus on the target I want to kill and make sure that player is dead. In maps that involve all sorts of guns, aslang-fightforthebase and others, I usually like to go all over the place. I make sure my targets are going to die and focus as I am moving around the map.

17. What country are you from?:
-[]- Mexico

18. Extra comments/questions:
-[]- In some PB2 Clan Sites, I am there as a admin, I clearly left all PB2 Clans and will not return.
-[]- In The Domo account, I was awarded as 93th Place.
-[]- I am still trying to build maps when I have free time.
-[]- Thank you for reading my application  

19. What are you applying for: Member or Trial Member?
-[]- Member


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Denied Re: Photon Hero #1

Post by Krutz on February 21st 2015, 5:53 pm

Application denied.

Reason: applying in the inappropriate field.

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