Panty Raider #1

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Denied Panty Raider #1

Post by ExoticPro19 on February 26th 2015, 3:15 pm

Pb2 nickname:Panty Raider
Pb2 Profile Link:
a=&s=7&ac=Panty% Raider
How long have you been playing pb2? Since 2012
How many kills and deaths do you have? 822 kills and 749 deaths
Whats is your level developer rank?:0
How many player points do you have?0.24+0.13 daily
Are you currently in a clan? No
What clan have you been In before? LED and SOA
What made you leave your earlier clans? LED and SOA site got hacked
Do you have any Alternative accounts? No
Who recruited you? No one
Why do you want join BoZ? Because someone is always active. They have so many pros and everyone don't put up with the drama. I always wanted to join this clan so I can have a clan experience
Do you understand?/Have you read about the page? YES
Have you understand? /Have you read about the recruitment process? YES
Which members In BoZ do you know? Kaotic Kaos
What can you offer to the clan? My skills my sense of humor and most of all my soul
How often do you play pb2? EVERYDAY
What server do you usually play in? Washington
What is your average ping in that server? 60
What is your favorite map? stryde-sniper
How do you play pb2? (Any specific styles)? I PLAY AS AN AVERAGE
What country are you from? St.Thomas VI
Any comments/questions? No
What are you applying for? Member


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Denied Re: Panty Raider #1

Post by Krutz on February 26th 2015, 9:48 pm

Application denied.

Reason: applying in the inappropriate field.

Apply in 2 weeks if you so choose

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