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Resolved Re: Tburn #1

Post by Slashdown on February 27th 2015, 5:05 pm

No multi-clanning includes groups.

What deadlytiger does has no relevance here, she would be denied under those circumstances.

Also for alt accs, there is a link you can post which I currently forget, can one someone else plz post that link for Chemical so he can have all of his alt links.

Reapply on March 10th! If you use the link and include all past groups/clans there is no reason for us to deny you! Smile

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Resolved Re: Tburn #1

Post by Terameep on February 27th 2015, 9:09 pm

The PB2 Account Recovery page may be a useful source of information when you need to identify alternate accounts that you may have forgotten about.

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Resolved Re: Tburn #1

Post by Subcomics on February 27th 2015, 10:07 pm

Chemical X wrote:Groups aren't clans. For example, deadlytiger is a part of the deadly Group but is in a non-multiclanning clan, Qualm. Just like deadly, GodZ is a group.
We do not differentiate between clans or groups, so if you would like to apply again, be sure to leave all of them to apply.

As for your alts and failure to list past clans, go check your application and what alternate accounts you listed on the application and your comments. You were denied for failing to list alternate accounts and the reason of failing to list past clans was just an add on. It seems as multiclanning/group can be a third addon as it seems you don't want to abandon GodZ by calling it a group while applying for a clan.

You are not required to list profile accounts that were deleted from PB2, but you are required to list any accounts that you have used and are still on PB2. This includes most accounts that you listed in posts on your application. This also applies to old clans on old accounts.


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Resolved Re: Tburn #1

Post by Sponsored content

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