Ameen #2

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Denied Ameen #2

Post by Viperial on March 12th 2015, 3:03 am

1. PB2 Nickname: Pixelbyte/PixelByte

2. PB2 Profile Link: /

3. How long have you been playing PB2?: Almost a year. (end of may 2014)

4. How many kills and deaths do you have?: Currently, 2,168 Kills, And 1472 Deaths.

4b: What is your level developer’s rank?: Currently, 1.38

4c: How many player points do you have?: Not ranked due to lack of activity in the ranked matches.

5. Are you currently in a clan?: No.

5b. What clans have you been in before?: Sky Wardens,Apex ,AOOA, StrikE, Logical, Neon.

5c. What made you leave your earlier clans?: Sky Wardens: Clan died. (I may still be on the members list) AOOA: Merged to form FL, i left it after because milticlanning was hard. (SLA was alive at that time) Apex: forgot about it while dealing with other clans, came back later. StrikE & Logic : Merged, then got kicked out. Apex: Left it to join BoZ

6. Do you have any alternative accounts?: Yes I do,

6b. Please list them with profile links:
Pixelbytes alt account list:
Ameen2003(Not accessable) :
Viperial (Not accessable):
Illanium(not accessable so can't remove tag):

7. Who recruited you?: Nobody did.

8. Why do you want to join BoZ?: All the other clans, are ether, unprofessional, or Unmature. BoZ clan is one of the Best clans, and longest lasting. Why? because it had perfect (not really perfect) Leaders. Sure, we rage, But we apologize. This clan is also professional as i said before. It has elite, and Helpful players as well, Very Loyal and delicate(i think i spelt it wrong) players. and an Very active chat. Here is a great example: You guys don't divide players by ranks or skills! You guys do it based on maturity, attitude. The Tag is also cool!!

9. Do you understand/have you read the “About” page?: No, lemme check... Oh Okay. Yeah i did.

10. Do you understand/have you read the recruitment process?: Yes.

11. Which members in BoZ do you know?: Krutz, Stryde, Mingo1, Amerison, Jeff1999, Glee (met him today),TheChosen one, Kaotic Kaos,Ex Mechanic. These are the ones i remember.

12. What can you offer to the clan?: Wow. Thats a very serious question... Well, I cannot offer you maps, you don't need those, I can offer my loyalty, I can offer a decent skill? (not so pro tho), I can offer another lagger in PB2, another child who is 11 years, another guy to chat with at chat.

13. How often do you play PB2?: Daily. This MIGHT change soon though.

14. What server do you usually play in?: Cali, or Euro. Switching servers is kinda hard :c

14b. What is your average ping in that server?: Cali: 300-600 (Mostly around 360-460) Europe : 150-300 (mostly 220-280)

15. What is your favorite map?: Max teabag-lab, and single player is Eric Gurt-dm0_defence

16. How do you play PB2? (Any specific playing styles?): I will selfboost alot, and lag alot also. trying to learn lagging prediction shots now..

17. What country are you from?: USA, but don't confuse that where i live.

18. Extra comments/questions:  I Live in egypt, I like cats, and BoZ tag is cool.

19. What are you applying for: Member or Trial Member? Trail Member.

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Denied Re: Ameen #2

Post by Krutz on March 12th 2015, 7:47 pm

Application denied.

Reason: failing to list past clans.

Your past application included the clan "JKL":


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